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You learn that you should quote in the text for MLA citation and have no idea what that means? It’s a citation style and what citation style you have to use for your work depends on the supervisor or exam office. However, that’s no cause for concern, because there are rules for each style of citation that you need to stick to when quoting and reading the bibliography. Because only if you quote correctly and give all your sources, you can prevent that your work is rated as plagiarism. This article will give you an overview of the correct use of the MLA style in the text of your bachelor thesis or master thesis.

MLA standard in the text of a bachelor thesis or master thesis

The MLA standard was launched by the Modern Language Association. You will come into contact with him especially in the human, linguistic, cultural or social sciences. The Modern Language Association is a professional association with over 25,000 members in more than 100 countries. The rules for quoting the organization in a handbook. It was not until 2016 that a new edition was released, but it’s updated frequently, so it’s important that you look at the latest manual in any case, if you need to apply the standard in one of your works.

How do you cite MLA citation in the text?

The MLA standard uses the American citation style. This means that the source is inserted directly in the text. It does not matter if you use a direct quote or an indirect quote, see citation methods. In the MLA style, the text only makes a very short reference to the source. To use the standard in the bibliography, you must specify the full source.

For quotes within the text, use the following format:


(Last name page number) or only the page number, if the name of the author is mentioned in the text (see notes of the University).

What are the special features of quotations in the text after MLA?

If you quote a source from several authors or scientists in the text of your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis, you will name both surnames in the MLA style text. If it is more than three, then you use the abbreviation et al.

If you’re quoting a newspaper article after MLA or even an internet source, for example, a blog where you know the author, but not the page number, you can simply omit them. Instead, the year is added.

How are pictures in the text named after MLA?

If you are copying graphics or spreadsheets from a foreign author and inserting them into your bachelor thesis or master thesis, then you need a reference to the source. The illustrations and tables are listed in the list of figures and tables. This not only applies to pictures, but also to photos and tables.Pictures and photos are taken with “Fig. 1 “named further. Tables with the word “table” and the respective number. In addition, you should name the table after what is shown on it. Then again the name of the author and the page number is called. In the bibliography you name the entire source.

Of course, these hints on how to apply the MLA style in the text are just guidelines for you. You should always discuss the rules again with your supervisor and also create a system to organize literature by entering each source. Nothing is lost! If you are prone to having a bum, you should also do a bachelor’s or master’s thesis for proofreading and proofreading.

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