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Writing a bachelor thesis is the first major challenge that you have to master as a student. It usually has a circumference of about 30 pages (see, for example, guidelines of the Georg August University Göttingen). This is no reason to despair. We’ve put together some bachelor thesis writing tips that will surely help you master the degree.

Writing a Bachelor Thesis: Early planning is important

The important first: please start with everything soon enough! It is important to find out exactly the exact deadlines and the formal requirements for the work before the writing process begins. The standards for scientific work in the Bachelor Thesis Writing should also be mastered in your sleep. Information on this can usually be found directly on the pages of the university or in scientific literature on the topic . Applications to the Examinations Office with signatures of the supervisor and second corrector should also be submitted as early as possible. If you like to work in the library, you should make sure to book a carrel in time to write your bachelor thesis. The same applies to the order, reservation and literature search.

The right supervisor for the Bachelor Thesis Writing

Was there perhaps a particularly competent and sympathetic professor or lecturer in your studies? If a name immediately comes to your mind, you should not hesitate to ask him or her for free time as a supervisor for the bachelor thesis letter. The choice of supervisor is very important and the capacities are not endless, so you should approach someone in a timely manner. It is also important to check the research area of the various teachers at the faculty. So one can perhaps also file together on a suitable topic, which is suitable for the bachelor thesis writing. Even the second corrector should be well chosen, after all, his judgment also has 50 percent influence on the final grade of the work.

A timetable for a bachelor thesis Writing takes away the stress

The bachelor thesis Writing is for most the first major project and many are particularly overwhelmed with the planning. After all, there is only three months left to work on the bachelor thesis letter. Therefore, the question quickly arises: How should I manage to do all this in such a short time? But if you divide the twelve weeks meaningful, it is not a problem. A timetable can alleviate the pressure a bit by structuring. In order to make such a plan, a large piece of paper is enough to record the different work phases – for example, finding a topic, literature research, writing process, editing the bachelor thesis and submission. So you can sketch how much time remains for each phase. In this way, one avoids the mistake of aligning the Bachelor thesis letter exclusively after the deadline.

Passion for the topic of the bachelor thesis

Often, professors write out topics at the chair and thus make it easier for students to find a topic for writing their bachelor thesis. But what if you are not interested in the topic? In that case you should be honest with yourself and keep looking. It is important that you yourself like the topic and not just the supervisor. Even if the self-chosen topic may require more effort, you should not shy away from it. If the subject matter of the thesis is interesting, you will have more fun writing a bachelor thesis and in the end you will not feel it as work anymore, but almost as a pleasure.

After the bachelor thesis letter comes the master – or the job?

For most students, writing a bachelor thesis is the final step before entering professional life or a subsequent master’s degree with the inevitable master’s thesis. Therefore, you can think about the topic, the question and the structure, what you want to do afterwards. In this way, one can already treat a topic complex in the bachelor thesis, which will also play a role in later professional life. For example, if you want to go into the field of journalism and study, a consideration of the press would be a good way to leave a good impression with the future employer. If you want to enter the economy, it may be smart to write the thesis in a company. The idea of the future can also be an additional motivation for writing a bachelor thesis.

Despite everything – it is “only” the bachelor thesis writing

Of course, the bachelor thesis “Writing” is an important step in the life of every student and the bachelor thesis will be the figurehead on the bachelor certificate. Nevertheless, this is not a master’s thesis or dissertation. The Bachelor Thesis Writing should show that you are able to work scientifically. But you do not have to invent a completely new research model or make a pioneering contribution to the scientific discipline. Due to the relatively small number of pages and the short processing time, the bachelor thesis does not offer much scope for large scientific expeditions anyway . Therefore, the following applies: When writing a bachelor thesis, you do not have too high demands on yourself that you can not fulfill at the end because of lack of time.

Library, café or home – find the right place to work

It sounds banal, but the setting in the Bachelor Thesis Writing can be very significant for the later result. The preferences are individual for each student. Some people like to be among people and therefore prefer the library for their chores. Of course, this may also be helpful because of the availability of the literature. Others prefer to get the books home and begin the bachelor thesis Writing in the Home Office. Still others like a more relaxed environment and sit in a café or park to work on the thesis. However, these places often vary in the different phases of the work.

Exchange with fellow students in the Bachelor thesis Writing

Since the fellow students are all in the same situation, they also struggle with similar tasks and problems. Therefore, it may be useful to exchange information regularly. The goal is not to outdo each other. Rather, such meetings serve mutual motivation and reassurance. In addition, the exchange of work materials and rare literature is an important reason. In addition, one must not forget to maintain social contacts during the strenuous work phases.

Write writer’s block during the bachelor thesis writing

Feared by all the students, she then meets one or the other in the middle of the work process: the writer’s block, which can have different reasons. For example, one is not even able to begin or write paragraphs that make no sense. If you feel that nothing works, a short walk is helpful. However, one should not stay away from work too long, otherwise the known procrastination is threatening. However, if there is still no inspiration, you may want to switch to another part of the job. Is one writing at the introduction? Then prefer to edit a particular chapter from the main part. There is always a way to move forward in the writing process.

Working material check for the Bachelor thesis Writing

Who does not know it – they finished a housework at the last minute, want to take them to the copy shop and have them printed and bound and the USB stick has disappeared? Good, then just print yourself – crap, the printer cartridge is empty! Or the classic: the laptop gives up the ghost. For all these cases, you should be prepared, for example, by having a spare laptop and caching your work in a cloud. In addition, enough pens and sufficient printer paper should be available. If you have to drive into the next technology market during the writing process, important time is lost and a common thread is also lost. Therefore, a continuous flow of writing with good work equipment is always the first goal

Small rewards for the Bachelor thesis Writing

Sure, the bachelor thesis writing is important and requires a lot of concentration and effort. But that is why it is important to pay attention to yourself. As with a real job, you should also take breaks here and – most importantly – finish your work someday. After all, what use is a 24-hour shift with energy drinks if you get sick at some point due to exhaustion? A good diet with fresh ingredients and regular drinking (about 3l of water per day) are therefore of great importance. So it’s best to place a bowl of fresh fruit and a large bottle of water next to the writing desk so that you always have something at hand. A few days off should also be taken into account during the writing phase) Here you can really relax with friends and family.

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